Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is there a free trial of Final Cut Pro?


No, there is not. But there is final cut express for $199. GO TO APPLE.COM


NL said...

There is a free trial application. It's called i-Movie.


Clint Johnson said...

So the only way to find out if I want to buy Final Cut Pro is to buy Final Cut Pro? And people wonder why I think that Apple is the most arrogant computer company on the planet.

Final Cut Express and iMovie are products in and of themselves and are absolutely useless in figuring out if Final Cut Pro is worth the money.

Adobe and Avid will let me take their products for a test run but Apple figures what... I'm too stupid to decide for myself so just shut up and pay up?

Cthulhu said...

You are right; there should be a trial period, but Final Cut is very expensive and I think Apple is worried about people trying to crack it.

Clint Johnson said...

Final Cut Pro is the same price as Adobe's offering and a small fraction of AVID DS... the only way to try Final Cut Pro _IS_ to crack it.

I've had a lot of people offer me cracked copies of Final Cut Pro but I won't do that - so I won't be using Final Cut Pro unless a job comes along that requires it and pays for it.